Jonathan Coppel

Jonathan Coppel Commissioner

Jonathan Coppel


Jonathan Coppel was appointed as a full-time Commissioner in July 2011.

Jonathan is currently working on an inquiry into Childcare and Early Childhood Learning.

He has previously completed working on:

Immediately prior to his appointment Jonathan was the Economic Counsellor to the OECD Secretary General where he was responsible for the OECD's contributions to the G20. While at the OECD he has held a range of positions including head of the Office of the Chief Economist, Executive Manager of the NEPAD-OECD Africa Investment Initiative, Senior Economist on foreign direct investment, Head of the EU and UK Desks, and climate change specialist. He has also been an Energy Analyst at the International Energy Agency.

Jonathan has previously held senior management positions in the Reserve Bank of Australia and started his career at the Australian Commonwealth Treasury. He has also been a lecturer for the World Trade Institute's Mile Masters Programme in International Law and Economics and at Sciences Po Institute in Paris.

Jonathan has a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) from the Australian National University and a Masters in International Affairs (Economics and Management) from Columbia University in New York.