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Performance monitoring and benchmarking and other services to government bodies

Monitoring the performance of government services

The Commission provides secretariat and research support to the inter-governmental Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision. With the Commission's support, the Steering Committee undertakes four streams of reporting for the Council of Australian Governments.

Report on Government Services

The annual Report on Government Services (RoGS) provides information on the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of a range of government services, including health, education, justice, housing and community services. The RoGS encourages improved service delivery, by providing governments, taxpayers and users of services with meaningful, balanced, credible, comparative information.

Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage report

The secretariat from the Commission also supports the Steering Committee's regular report on outcomes for Indigenous Australians, across a strategic framework of indicators. This report's long-term objective is to inform Australian governments and Indigenous people about whether policies and programs are achieving positive outcomes for Indigenous people.

Indigenous Expenditure Report

To complement the outcome information in the OID report, the Commission secretariat also produces estimates of expenditure on services to Indigenous Australians, mapped to the same strategic framework as the OID. These expenditure estimates, when combined with other information (such as levels of Indigenous disadvantage) contribute to a better understanding of the adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of government services provided to Indigenous Australians.

National Agreements and National Partnerships

Drawing on its experience producing the RoGS, the Commission secretariat also collates performance data for National Agreements and some National Partnership Agreements, to inform analysis by the COAG Reform Council.