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Organisation Structure

Please direct all enquiries to:

Media, Publications and Web
Ph: 03 9653 2244

Organistational structure. See text below image+ Click to enlarge image

Text version of organisational structure


Peter Harris

Deputy Chair

Karen Chester


Julie Abramson
Ken Baxter
Melinda Cilento
Jonathan Coppel
Robert Fitzgerald - on long-term leave of absence
Stephen King
Paul Lindwall
Angela MacRae
Richard Spencer

Head of Office

Nina Davidson

Executive Managers

Ralph Lattimore (Canberra)
Nina Davidson (Melbourne)

Inquiry Group

Assistant Commissioners:

Rosalyn Bell
Mary Cavar
Anna Heaney
Dominique Lowe
Rosalie McLachlan (Acting)
Jane Melanie
Tom Nankivell (Acting)
Oliver Richards
John Salerian
Angela Woo

Research Group

Principal Adviser Research: Jenny Gordon

Assistant Commissioner: Patrick Jomini

Modelling Group

Head of Modelling: John Salerian

Assistant Commissioner: Patrick Jomini

Government Performance Reporting and Analysis Group

Assistant Commissioner: Catherine Andersson

Corporate Group

Assistant Commissioner: Brian Scammell

Media, Publications and Web

Director: Leonora Nicol

Australian Government Competitive Neutrality Complaints Office (AGCNCO)

Director: Rosalie McLachlan

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Unit

Director: Anthony Housego