Regulation and its Review 2003-04

Annual Report Series

Regulation and its Review 2003-04 was released on 16 November 2004 and meets the Commission's obligation to report annually on compliance by Australian Government departments and agencies with the Government's Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) requirements.

This edition provides RIS compliance information in aggregate and for individual Australian Government departments and agencies, as well as for individual Ministerial Councils and national standard-setting bodies. The assessed adequacy of RISs for all Bills, disallowable instruments and treaties tabled in Parliament during the year is noted for the first time.

This year's report also discusses the importance of effective consultation in generating high quality regulation and maintaining public confidence, and provides information on developments in regulatory policy in Australia and internationally.

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  • Preliminaries
    Cover, Copyright, Foreword, Contents and Abbreviations
  • Overview - including key points
  • Chapter 1 The role of Regulation Impact Statements in improving regulation
    1.1 Regulatory review and reform policy
    1.2 International regulatory developments
    1.3 Regulatory policy in Australia and the use of RISs
    1.4 Why do some regulators find preparing RISs challenging?
    1.5 Future directions in regulatory refor
  • Chapter 2 Compliance with RIS requirements
    2.1 Compliance with Australian Government requirements
    2.2 Compliance by type of regulation
    2.3 National regulation-making under COAG's requirements
  • Chapter 3 The importance of community consultation
    3.1 Why consult?
    3.2 Features of effective consultation
    3.3 Examples of consultation requirements
    3.4 Lessons from experience
  • Appendix A Compliance by portfolio
  • Appendix B Adequacy of published RISs
  • Appendix C COAG's RIS requirements — compliance and recent developments
  • Appendix D Australian Government legislation reviews
  • Appendix E ORR activities and performance
  • Appendix F Regulatory reform in States and Territories
  • Appendix G International development
  • References

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