Forthcoming Releases

October November 2014 (indicative only)

Inquiry and Commissioned Research Reports
Inquiry / Commissioned Study Report Type Reporting / Release Date
Access to Justice Arrangements Inquiry Report Submitted to Government 5 September 2014
Release date determined by Government
Childcare and Early Childhood Learning Inquiry Report Submitted to Government 31 October 2014
Release date determined by Government

Other Reports
Title Report/Paper Type Estimated Release Date
Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage: Key Indicators 2014 Review of Government Service Provision Report November 2014

Please note that:

  • Reports such as final inquiry reports and the Commission's Annual Report require tabling in Parliament with the timing of their release at the Government's discretion (within 25 and 15 Parliamentary sitting days respectively)
  • Commissioned research reports also have fixed reporting dates to Government, and their release date is usually within 2 weeks of reporting
  • Release timing of supporting research papers is subject to change and can be delayed due to the demands of higher priority Commission work.