Report on Government Services 1995

This report was released in December 1995. It has been produced by the Steering Committee for the Review of Commonwealth/State Service Provision (SCRCSSP).

This first Steering Committee report presents information relating to the effectiveness and efficiency of a number of government-funded (and largely government-provided) social services.

These include: public acute care hospitals, public housing, government school education, vocational education and training, police, courts administration, corrective services, and support services for families and individuals in crisis. It presents performance data in the context of the current environment in which these services are delivered.

It is the first of a series of annual publications that aim to inform parliaments, governments, government service agencies, and the clients of these agencies - the wider community - about their overall performance, based primarily on results rather than inputs.

This review is an ongoing exercise. It is intended that each subsequent report will incorporate improvements to the quality, consistency, and completeness of performance indicators and data.

It is also intended that the scope of the Review will expand over time to include additional areas of government service provision including programs specific to the Commonwealth Government and Local Government.

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Download the report by chapters

  • Preliminaries (PDF - 88 Kb)
    Copyright, Contents, Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • Chapter 1 Overview (PDF - 114 Kb)
     1.1 Why measure performance?
    1.2 Areas covered in this Review
    1.3 Recent developments
    1.4 Our approach to performance monitoring
    1.5 The performance of government services in Australia
    1.6 The future for performance monitoring in the area of service provision
  • Chapter 2 About the indicators and data presented in this report (PDF - 31 Kb)
     2.1 The performance indicator framework - efficiency and effectiveness
    2.2 Interpreting the indicators presented in this report
    2.3 The focus of the Review
  • Chapter 3 Public acute care hospitals (PDF - 243 Kb)
    3.1 Profile of the sector
    3.2 Recent developments
    3.3 Framework of performance indicators
    3.4 Summary of results
    3.5 Future directions
    3.6 Data results
    3.7 State and Territory specific information
    3.8 Definitions and explanatory notes
  • Chapter 4 Public housing (PDF - 248 Kb)
    4.1 Profile of the sector
    4.2 Recent developments
    4.3 Framework of performance indicators
    4.4 Summary of results
    4.5 Future directions
    4.6 Performance indicators by jurisdiction
    4.7 Definitions and explanatory notes
  • Chapter 5 Government school education (PDF - 304 Kb)
    5.1 Profile of the sector
    5.2 Recent developments
    5.3 Framework of performance indicators
    5.4 Summary of results
    5.5 Future directions
    5.6 Performance indicators by jurisdiction
    5.7 Definitions and explanatory notes
  • Chapter 6 Vocational education and training (PDF - 281 Kb)
    6.1 Profile of the sector
    6.2 Recent developments
    6.3 Framework of performance indicators
    6.4 Summary of results
    6.5 Future directions
    6.6 Performance indicators by jurisdiction
    6.7 Definitions and explanatory notes
  • Chapter 7 Police (PDF - 284 Kb)
    7.1 Profile of the sector
    7.2 Objectives of police services and key performance indicators
    7.3 Summary of results
    7.4 Future directions
    7.5 Performance indicators by jurisdiction
    7.6 Definitions and explanatory notes
    Appendix: Results from community perceptions of police survey
  • Chapter 8 Courts administration (PDF - 110 Kb)
    8.1 Profile of the sector
    8.2 Recent developments
    8.3 Summary of results
    8.4 Future directions
    8.5 Performance indicators by jurisdiction
    8.6 Definitions and explanatory notes
  • Chapter 9 Corrective services (PDF - 297 Kb)
    9.1 Profile of the sector
    9.2 Recent developments
    9.3 Objectives of corrective services and key performance indicators
    9.4 Summary of results
    9.5 Future directions
    9.6 Performance indicators by jurisdiction
    9.7 Definitions and explanatory notes
    Appendix: Calculation of extra annual recurrent costs associated with increased imprisonment rate
  • Chapter 10 Support services for individuals and families (PDF - 367 Kb)
    10.1 Profile of the sector
    10.2 Recent developments
    10.3 Framework of performance indicators and summary of results
    10.4 Future directions
    10.5 Performance indicators by jurisdiction
    10.6 Definitions and explanatory notes

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