Report on Government Services 2011

This report was released on 28 January 2011. It has been produced by the Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision (SCRGSP). The report has been published in two volumes. Also released with the report are attachment tables. These are not part of the printed report but are available on this web page. An errata has been issued with the report.

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Download the report by chapters

Part A (Introduction)

Part B (Early Childhood, Education and Training)

Early Childhood, Education and Training Preface

Chapter 3 Children's services

Chapter 4 School education

Chapter 5 Vocational education and training

Part C (Justice)

Chapter 6 Police services

Chapter 7 Court administration

Chapter 8 Corrective services

Part D (Emergency Management)

Chapter 9 Emergency management

Part E (Health)

Health preface

Chapter 10 Public Hospitals

Chapter 11 Primary and community health

Chapter 12 Health management issues

Part F (Community services)

Chapter 13 Aged care services

Chapter 14 Services for people with a disability

Chapter 15 Protection and support services

Part G (Housing and Homelessness)

Chapter 16 Housing

Chapter 17 Homelessness

Appendix A Statistical appendix

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