Report on Government Services 2014

Volume B: Child care, education and training

This volume was released on 28 January 2014.

To see amendments please view the erratum.

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Overview B

Chapter 3 Early childhood education and care

Chapter 4 School education

Chapter 5 Vocational education and training



Amendments have been made to some 2006 data in Overview B (Child care, education and training) relating to the proportion of the 20-24 year old population having attained at least a year 12 or equivalent or AQF Certificate II or above, by SES (table BA.36).

Amendments have been provided to some 2012 data in chapter 4 (School education) relating to apparent retention rates and staff numbers (page 4.29, tables 4A.1, 4A.2, 4A.3 and 4A.122).

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