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Exports of Health Services

Industry Commission inquiry report

This report was signed on 5 December 1991. The report contains the findings of the Industry Commission's public inquiry.

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Cover, Copyright, Signing Page, Contents, List of Abbreviations, Terms of Reference, Overview and Recommendations

1 The Inquiry
1.1 Origin of the reference
1.2 Inquiry information
1.3 The Indusry Commission's approach
1.4 The national health strategie

2 Health Care and Health Insurance
2.1 Features of health care and health insurance
2.2 Health care in Australia
2.3 Government objectives and involvment in health

3 Australian Exports of Health Services
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Why do foreign patients come to Australia?
3.3 Visitors who obtain treatment in Australia
3.4 Provision of health care to forign demand for Australia's health services
3.5 What is the potential foreign demand for Australia's health services
3.6 Capacity of the Australian hospital system to serve foreign patients

4 Direct Impediments to Exports of Health Services
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Immigration procedures
4.3 The sale of health insurance to foreigners
4.4 Guaranteeing access to public hospitals
4.5 Limits on the training of foreign doctors
4.6 Restrictions on the accreditation of foreign trained doctors
4.7 Restrictions on advertising
4.8 Ambivalance to exports of health services

5 The Efficient Provision of Health Service to Foreigners
5.1 Fees paid by foreign patients
5.2 Bad debts incurred by foreign patients
5.3 Provision of health services and health insurance to foreign students

6 Effecient Delivery of Health Care and Health Insurance
6.1 Introduction
6.2 What does effeciency in the health care system involve?
6.3 Incentives for overuse of health services
6.4 Accreditation procedures andregulation of the medical profession
6.5 Use of inputs
6.6 Funding of public hospitals
6.7 Pricing of services provided by public hospitals
6.8 Regulation of private health insurance
6.9 Incentives for efficiency within Medicare
6.10 Conclusions

A List of the participants

B The Australian hospital system

C Health insurance

D Regulation of the medical and nurising professions

E The labour market

F International perspectives on health care


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