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PC News October 2015

Newsletter of the Productivity Commission.

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Australia's workplace relations framework: repair not replacement

There is considerable scope for improvement in Australia's workplace relations framework, but radical reform is not required.

Superannuation policy for post-retirement

As part of a research series on policy issues that arise from population ageing, the Commission has completed a research report on two important elements of the retirement income landscape - when and how people access their superannuation.

International education services

International students make a significant economic and social contribution to Australia. However, a recent Commission Research Paper identifies a number of risks to the sustainability of Australia's international education sector.

Realising the opportunities to export services

The Commission has proposed steps that Australian governments should take to reduce barriers to service exports.

Reforming funding arrangements for natural disasters

The Commission recently recommended a major restructure of Australia's natural disaster funding arrangements. This would boost Australian Government funding for disaster mitigation while giving states and territories greater autonomy and responsibility for recovery.

Australia's productivity performance

In 2013-14, Australia's measured productivity increased overall. But growth among industries was uneven, with productivity declining in some sectors.


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