Review of Legislation Regulating the Architectural Profession

Inquiry report

This inquiry report was released on 16 November 2000.

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Cover, Copyright, Signing Page, Terms of reference, Contents, Abbreviations, Explanations, Key messages, Overview, Recommendation and findings

1   Introduction
1.1   Background to the current inquiry
1.2   Key issues
1.3   Participants' views
1.4   Assessment criteria
1.5   The Commission’s approach
1.6   Conduct of the inquiry

2   Current regulation of architects
2.1   Introduction
2.2   Objectives of the Archirects Acts
2.3   The Architects Boards
2.4   Restrictions on use of title
2.5   Requirements for registration
2.6   Disciplinary provisions
2.7   Restrictions on ownership of enterprises
2.8   Restrictions on advertising
2.9   Other relevant acts

3   Architects and the market for building design and related services
3.1   Introduction
3.2   Architects in Australia
3.3   Services provided by architects
3.4   Defining the market in which architects compete
3.5   Architects and the market for building design and related services

4   The case for regulation
4.1   Introduction
4.2   When is regulation warranted?
4.3   Incomplete information
4.4   Information problems in the market for building design and related services
4.5   Spillovers (externalities)
4.6   Spillovers in the market for building design and related services

5   Current Architects Acts: benefits
5.1   Introduction
5.2   Protecting consumers
5.3   Addressing spillovers

6   Current Architects Acts: facilitating exports
6.1   Education of overseas students
6.2   Exports of architectural services
6.3   Reducing barriers to trade in services

7   Current Architects Acts: costs
7.1   Introduction
7.2   Costs of restrictions on the use of title and derivative terms
7.3   Restrictions on ownership of architectural businesses
7.4   Restrictions on advertising by architects
7.5   Other restrictions

8   Current Architects Acts: consistency and duplication
8.1   Duplication of regulation
8.2   Consistency of regulation within Australia

9   Current Architects Acts: assessing costs and benefits
9.1   Benefits
9.2   Costs
9.3   Net benefits

10   Alternatives: modifying existing legislation
10.1   Regulating practice
10.2   Improving current Architects Acts
10.3   Regulating architects under State Building Acts

11   Alternatives: co-regulation and self-regulation
11.1   Co-regulation
11.2   Self-regulation

12   Appropriate regulation: the Commission's assessment
12.1   The Commission's task
12.2   The Commission's assessment

A   Public consultation
A.1   List of submissions
A.2   List of visits
A.3   Public hearing participants

B   Derivation of the number of practising architects