Executive Remuneration in Australia

Inquiry report

This inquiry report was released on 4 January 2010.

Please note: Appendices C to E will only be available online and are not in the printed copy.

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Part A: Background and analytical framework

Part B: Remuneration trends and drivers

  • Chapter 3 Trends in remuneration (PDF - 389 Kb)
    3.1 Introduction
    3.2 Data difficulties and the Commission's approach
    3.3 What has happened to executive remuneration?
    3.4 What has happened to directors' remuneration?
    3.5 Remuneration and corporate performance
    3.6 Executive remuneration overseas
  • Chapter 4 Drivers of executive remuneration (PDF - 367 Kb)
    4.1 The 'market' for executives
    4.2 Explaining increases in executive remuneration
    4.3 'Principal–agent' issues and executive pay
    4.4 Broader market drivers of executive pay
    4.5 Some conclusions

Part C: Assessing the remuneration environment

Part D: Implications for public policy and corporate conduct

Please note: The following appendices will only be available online and are not in the printed copy.

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