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  • Preliminaries
    • Cover, Copyright and publication detail, Transmittal letter, Terms of reference and Contents
  • Overview
  • Findings
  • Chapter 1 About the inquiry
    • 1.1 What the Commission has been asked to do
    • 1.2 Background
    • 1.3 Inquiry procedures and consultation
    • 1.4 What are the requirements for safeguard measures?
  • Chapter 2 Assessing the case for safeguard measures
    • 2.1 Which Australian industry produces 'like' or 'directly competitive' products?
    • 2.2 Have imports increased?
    • 2.3 Was the increase in imports a result of unforeseen developments?
    • 2.4 Is the industry suffering 'serious injury', or is it threatened?
    • 2.5 Have imports caused the injury?
  • Appendix A Conduct of the inquiry
  • Appendix B Commonwealth Gazettes and GATT Article XIX
  • References