Restrictions on the Parallel Importation of Books

Research report

This research report was released on 14 July 2009.

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  • Preliminaries
    Cover, Copyright, Foreword, Terms of reference, Contents, Abbreviations and Glossary
  • Overview - including key points
  • Recommendations
  • Chapter 1 About the study
    1.1 Background
    1.2 Scope of the study
    1.3 Conduct of the study
    1.4 The Commission's approach
    1.5 Commentary on the discussion draft
  • Chapter 2 An overview of the books sector
    2.1 Consumption of books
    2.2 Supply of books
    2.3 Producing a book in Australia
  • Chapter 3 Copyright law and the broader policy environment
    3.1 Copyright Act provisions
    3.2 Objectives of the provisions
    3.3 The broader policy environment
  • Chapter 4 Price and assistance effects
    4.1 Potential price and assistance effects
    4.2 Evidence on the price effects
    4.3 Interpreting the evidence
  • Chapter 5 Impacts in the books market
    5.1 Publishers
    5.2 Authors
    5.3 Printers
    5.4 Booksellers
    5.5 Consumers
  • Chapter 6 Cultural and related impacts
    6.1 Cultural benefits
    6.2 Educational benefits
    6.3 Effects on external benefits
    6.4 Summing up
  • Chapter 7 Net impacts and policy implications
    7.1 The PIR balance sheet
    7.2 The reform options
    7.3 The preferred approach
  • Appendix A Public consultation
  • Appendix B Other matters
  • Appendix C Reform case studies
  • Appendix D Price comparison methodologies
  • Appendix E Market share methodology
  • Appendix F Design of financial support
  • References

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