Chemicals and Plastics Regulation

Research report

This research report was released on 7 August 2008.

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  • Preliminaries
    Cover, Copyright, Foreword, Terms of reference, Contents, Abbreviations and Glossary
  • Overview
  • Recommendations
  • Additional actionable proposals
  • Chapter 1 What is this study about?
    1.1 What the Commission has been asked to do
    1.2 Why was it initiated?
    1.3 Scope of the study
    1.4 How is this study linked to other reviews?
    1.5 Conduct of the study
  • Chapter 2 Study methodology and evaluative criteria
    2.1 The rationale for regulation
    2.2 Interpretation of assessment criteria
    2.3 Applying the assessment criteria
  • Chapter 3 National policy formulation and system governance
    3.1 Background
    3.2 A best practice governance framework
    3.3 Policy development and regime oversight
    3.4 Developing a national chemicals policy
  • Chapter 4 National hazard and risk assessment
    4.1 The case for regulatory assessment of chemicals
    4.2 Regulatory arrangements for industrial chemicals
    4.3 Effectiveness and efficiency of industrial chemicals assessment
    4.4 Consolidation of chemical assessment regimes
  • Chapter 5 Public health
    5.1 Poisons scheduling and regulation
    5.2 Controls on chemicals in consumer articles
    5.3 Labelling requirements for consumer products
    5.4 Diversion of chemicals to illicit-drug manufacture
    5.5 Food safety
  • Chapter 6 Occupational health and safety
    6.1 The case for regulating workplace chemicals
    6.2 The regulatory framework
    6.3 Effectiveness of workplace chemicals regulations
    6.4 Efficiency of workplace chemicals regulations
    6.5 A single system for all workplace chemicals
    6.6 Reforms to the national OHS framework
  • Chapter 7 Transport safety
    7.1 The case for regulating the transport of dangerous chemicals
    7.2 The current regulatory framework
    7.3 Assessment of current regulations
    7.4 Options for reform
  • Chapter 8 Regulation of agricultural and veterinary chemical products
    8.1 Regulatory arrangements for agricultural and veterinary chemicals
    8.2 Effectiveness and efficiency of agricultural and veterinary chemicals assessment
    8.3 The case for national regulation of agricultural and veterinary chemical use
  • Chapter 9 Managing the impact of chemicals on the environment
    9.1 The case for regulating for the environment
    9.2 Overview of regulatory arrangements
    9.3 The effectiveness and efficiency of environmental protection regulation
    9.4 A Framework for National Chemicals Environmental Management
  • Chapter 10 National security: regulation of ammonium nitrate
    10.1 The case for regulating ammonium nitrate
    10.2 The principles and practices of regulating ammonium nitrate in Australia
    10.3 Assessing the SSAN regulatory regime
    10.4 Improving the SSAN arrangements
    10.5 Addressing the security risks associated with other chemicals
  • Chapter 11 Reforming national approaches
    11.1 Introduction
    11.2 National approaches to chemicals policy
    11.3 The way ahead
  • Appendix A Conduct of the Study
  • Appendix B Industry definition
  • Appendix C History and economic profile of the industry
  • Appendix D Major hazard facilities
  • Appendix E Compliance and administration cost
  • Appendix F Funding mechanisms for chemicals and plastics regulatory agencies
  • Appendix G Labelling
  • References

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