Public and Private Hospitals

Research report

This research report was released on 10 December 2009. An errata has been issued with this report.

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  • Preliminaries
    Cover, Copyright, Foreword, Terms of reference, Contents, Abbreviations, and Glossary
  • Overview - including key points
  • Findings
  • Chapter 1 Introduction
    1.1 What the Commission has been asked to do
    1.2 Report structure and study approach
    1.3 Future data improvements
    1.4 Conduct of the study
  • Chapter 2 Australia's public hospital sector
    2.1 Role and structure of public hospitals
    2.2 Characteristics of public hospitals
    2.3 Services provided by public hospitals
    2.4 Workforce characteristics
    2.5 Recent developments in public hospitals
  • Chapter 3 Australia's private hospital sector
    3.1 Structure of private hospitals
    3.2 Characteristics of private hospitals
    3.3 Services provided by private hospitals
    3.4 Workforce characteristics
    3.5 Private freestanding day hospitals
    3.6 Recent developments in private hospitals
  • Chapter 4 Public and private hospitals in the health system
    4.1 Similarities and differences
    4.2 Relationship between the two sectors
    4.3 Possible directions for hospitals
  • Chapter 5 Hospital and medical costs
    5.1 Cost indicators
    5.2 Data sources and estimation methods
    5.3 Cost per casemix-adjusted separation
    5.4 Average cost of individual DRGs
    5.5 Improving future cost comparisons
  • Chapter 6 Hospital-acquired infections
    6.1 Types of hospital-acquired infections
    6.2 How should infection rates be measured and compared?
    6.3 Available evidence on hospital-acquired infections
    6.4 Developments to improve future comparisons
  • Chapter 7 Other partial indicators
    7.1 Productivity
    7.2 Access to hospital services
    7.3 Quality and patient safety
    7.4 Developments to improve future comparisons
  • Chapter 8 Multivariate analysis
    8.1 About the Commission's multivariate analysis
    8.2 Profile of hospitals in the sample
    8.3 Factors affecting hospital performance
    8.4 Factors contributing to best-practice benchmarks
    8.5 Hospital efficiencies
    8.6 Further analysis
  • Chapter 9 Informed financial consent
    9.1 Potential impediments to the provision of informed financial consent
    9.2 Informed financial consent data sources and their suitability
    9.3 Rates of informed financial consent
    9.4 Out-of-pocket expenses
    9.5 Future data improvements
    9.6 Best-practice examples of IFC
  • Chapter 10 Indexation of the Medicare Levy Surcharge income thresholds
    10.1 Background to the Medicare Levy Surcharge
    10.2 Why index the MLS thresholds?
    10.3 Possible indexation factors
    10.4 Assessment of potential indexation factors
  • Appendix A Public consultation
  • Appendix B National Healthcare Agreement performance indicators
  • Appendix C Other health performance monitoring frameworks
  • Appendix D Constructing estimates of hospital and medical costs
  • Appendix E Multivariate analysis in detail
  • Appendix F State-level data on hospital-acquired infections
  • Appendix G Referee reports on mode
  • References

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