Pastoral Leases and Non-Pastoral Land Use

Commission research paper

Pastoral Leases and Non-Pastoral Land Use was released on 5 July 2002. The paper reviews pastoral lease arrangements across jurisdictions in Australia and the extent to which these affect the emergence of non-pastoral land uses. Some comparisons are also made with pastoral lease arrangements in New Zealand, which has a history and pattern of pastoral lease administration and land development similar to Australia. The paper consolidates and extends previous Commission research on pastoral lease administration and management, and conservation of biodiversity on private land. Also see:

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Cover, Copyright, Foreword, Contents, Acknowledgments, Abbreviations, Overview, Key Messages

1   The evolution of pastoral leases
1.1   The pastoral lease system
1.2   Brief history and objectives

2   Land use on pastoral leases
2.1   Operating characteristics of farm businesses with pastoral leases 
2.2   Non-pastoral land uses
2.3   Summary

3   Pastoral lease arrangements and non-pastoral land use
3.1   The objectives of land management legislation
3.2   Pastoral lease purpose
3.3   Pastoral lease conditions
3.4   Current approaches to non-pastoral land use
3.5   Native title
3.6   The pastoral lease rental system
3.7   Summary

4   Concluding comments

A   Summary of pastoral lease arrangements

B   Differences between leasehold and freehold tenure