Harnessing Private Sector Conservation of Biodiversity

Commission research paper

Harnessing Private Sector Conservation of Biodiversity was released on 4 December 2001. This paper provides an economic perspective on the role the private sector can play in conservation of biodiversity. It focuses on opportunities for governments to facilitate biodiversity conservation by enabling markets to allocate resources better. Also see:

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1   Conservation of biodiversity
1.1   Biodiversity is important
1.2   Public and private conservation of biodiversity

2   Public and private provision in perspective
2.1   Public sector conservation
2.2   Private sector conservation
2.3   Summary

3   Enabling private markets
3.1   Modifying or removing institutional constraints
3.2   Improving the competitive environment
3.3   Property rights and cost sharing principles
3.4   Creating new markets
3.5   Summary

4   Conclusion