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Disruptive Technologies: What do governments need to do?

Commission research project


The Commission's recent inquiry into Business Setup, Transfer and Closure highlighted that regulatory changes are required to allow the operation of, and economic benefits from, digitally disruptive new business models.

As innovative technologies have far-reaching and interlinking impacts on the broader economy, it is timely to assess the role of government in a range of policy areas.

Objectives of the study

This research project will examine the potential impacts and challenges of innovative and disruptive technologies for competition, productivity, structural adjustment and social structures.

The Commission will highlight the various areas where governments are adapting well and where greater regulatory or policy attention is likely to be needed including: innovation, infrastructure, taxation and education.

Opportunity to contribute

The Commission will consult with a cross-section of relevant stakeholders.

If you would like to provide written input please email:

If you would like to otherwise contribute to the project, please contact us.

Expected release date

June 2016


Paulene McCalman
Ph: 02 6240 3335