Creating Markets for Biodiversity: A Case Study of Earth Sanctuaries Ltd

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Creating Markets for Biodiversity: A Case Study of Earth Sanctuaries Ltd by Barbara Aretino, Paula Holland, Deborah Peterson and Michael Schuele was released on 4 September 2001. This paper is the result of a case study of Earth Sanctuaries Ltd - a publicly listed Australian company directly involved in the conservation of biodiversity. The study was carried out at the invitation of Environment Australia and the OECD. Also see:

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1 Introduction

2 Private sector contribution to biodiversity conservation
Economic framework
Potential strengths and weaknesses of private sector conservation

3 Regulatory challenges
Wildlife property rights and trade of fauna
Private conservation on leasehold land
Competitive neutrality and contestability

4 ESL's ecological and financial outcomes
Ecological outcomes
Financial outcomes

5 Conclusions and potential policy issues


A Government responsibilities for environmental legislation

B Examples of private sector involvement in biodiversity conservation

C An overview of Earth Sanctuaries Ltd

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