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Through our research the Commission contributes to the public debate and encourage informed policy discussion.

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Aged care services - Report on Government Services

Released: 24 Jan 2017

This chapter focuses on government funded care and support services for older people and their carers, which are provided at home, in the community and in residential care facilities.


Productivity in Financial and Insurance Services

Released: 18 Feb 2016

As the first service sector to be examined, there are new questions as to what is actually being measured and how well it reflects the underlying concept of productivity.


Aged care services - Report on Government Services

Released: 27 Jan 2016

The Aged care services chapter (chapter 13) reports on the performance of government funded services for older people, including assessment, residential care and community based services.


Services for people with disability - Report on Government Services

Released: 27 Jan 2016

The Services for people with disability chapter (chapter 14) reports on the assistance funded by governments to people with disability and their carers, focusing on specialist disability services.


National Indigenous Reform Agreement: Performance Assessment 2013-14

Released: 2 Dec 2015

This report is the sixth in the series of performance assessments for the Closing the Gap targets. In making its assessments, the Commission has therefore sought to ensure an appropriate degree of comparability with the assessments made by the COAG


Housing Decisions of Older Australians

Released: 1 Dec 2015

The report is the third flagship research paper and it continues the investigation of issues relating to the ageing of Australia's population, this time focusing on the housing choices made by older Australians.


Superannuation Policy for Post-Retirement

Released: 7 Jul 2015

This report is a detailed analysis of two aspects of superannuation policy affecting the post-retirement phase: What might happen if the age that individuals can access their superannuation (the 'preservation age') were raised? Is the way people


Aged care services - Report on Government Services

Released: 31 Jan 2014

Aged care services


An Ageing Australia: Preparing for the Future

Released: 22 Nov 2013

This report focuses on the effects of ageing on economic output (underpinned by changes in population, participation and productivity) and the resulting implications for government budgets were current policy settings to be maintained. In that


Report on Government Services 2013 - Report on Government Services

Released: 31 Jan 2013

This Report compares the performance of Australian, State and Territory governments providing a range of services. It contains performance indicators of the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of: early childhood, education and training; justice;