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Service charter

This charter sets out the standards of service you can expect when dealing with us. It also briefly outlines our role, values and processes, and steps you can take if you are not satisfied with the quality of our service.

The Commission's role

The Productivity Commission is the Australian Government's independent research and advisory body on a range of economic, social and environmental issues affecting the welfare of Australians.

The Commission's work covers all sectors of the economy. It extends to the public and private sectors and focuses on areas of Australian as well as State and Territory responsibility.

Under its legislation, the Commission performs the following roles:

  • holds public inquiries and reports on a variety of policy matters referred to it by government
  • initiates research on economic, social and environmental issues and reports annually on economic performance, industry assistance and regulation
  • promotes public understanding of issues bearing on community living standards
  • provides the secretariat for the Council of Australian Governments' sponsored review of government service provision, which produces the Report on Government Services, the Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage: Key indicators report and the Indigenous Expenditure Report.
  • investigates and reports on complaints with respect to the Australian Government's competitive neutrality arrangements.

Its activities are underpinned by effective corporate management and services.

Our values

Building on the Australian Public Service Values, we at the Productivity Commission value:

  • the independence of the Commission, the transparency of its processes and its community-wide perspective
  • working cooperatively with the wider community
  • the diversity of views of those who contribute to our work
  • the intellectual integrity and commitment of Commissioners and staff.

The service standards you can expect

  • We endeavour to achieve the highest standards in our public inquiries and research reports.
  • We will at all times provide a prompt, professional and courteous service.
  • We will provide sufficient time and information to facilitate public participation in our work.
  • We will take into account privacy and confidentiality issues while completing our reports within agreed time frames.
  • Where requested, we will cater for those who have difficulty with the English language, and make appropriate arrangements for the aged and those with disabilities.
  • We will respond to written queries or requests for information in a timely manner. If your query is complex, we will provide an interim response to inform you of our progress.
  • We will handle immediately your telephone and personal inquiries. If a complete response is not practicable at the time, you will be told when and by whom it will be provided.

Should you be unhappy with our service or wish to make suggestions/comments

  • Tell the employee with whom you are dealing the nature of your dissatisfaction or other feedback.
  • You may ask to speak to a senior manager.
  • Alternatively, you may contact a Executive Manager or the Assistant Commissioner Corporate Services for advice on the appropriate courses of action open to you.
  • Complaints will be fully investigated and, where appropriate, details will be included in the Commission's Annual Report.

Contact details

Email contact regarding this Charter:

Normal hours of business for contact with the public are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.