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John Madden

Associate Commissioner

John Madden was appointed a full time Associate Commissioner (Water) with the Productivity Commission in December 2016 for a period of two years.

John has extensive experience in legislative, regulatory and administrative arrangements for water planning and management. He has expertise in cost-benefit analysis and socio-economic assessment, with a particular focus on water issues.

John has worked on a wide range of water and other natural resource, primary industry and infrastructure issues, in private sector consulting roles as well as in the public sector including with the CSIRO, NSW Agriculture, and the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal.

John has a masters degree in economics from the University of New England and a degree in agricultural economics from the University of Sydney.

At the Productivity Commission, John has worked on the National Water Reform and is currently working on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan: Five-year assessment.

Portrait photo of John Madden

John Madden - Associate Commissioner