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Ken Baxter AM


Ken Baxter AM was appointed a part time Commissioner with the Productivity Commission on 30 April 2015.

Ken has had 30 years direct involvement in the Commonwealth, Victorian and NSW governments. He is the first person since federation to have served as the Secretary of the Premier's Department in both NSW and Victoria. He has been a senior policy adviser to the Prime Minister's Department in Papua New Guinea.

In addition, he has had extensive experience in the reconstruction, funding, sale, re-organisation and operation of government owned organisations as well as devising and implementing fundamental microeconomic reforms in the energy, transport, infrastructure and agriculture sectors in Australia, Papua New Guinea, South-east Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

Ken is currently a commissioner for the National Transport Regulatory Reform inquiry.

Ken was a commissioner for the Regulation of Agriculture inquiry and the Transitioning Regional Economies study.

He recently worked on the the first stage of the Economic Regulation of Airports inquiry.

Ken Baxter

Ken Baxter Commissioner