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Caring for Older Australians

Public hearings

13 transcripts

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Melbourne — 21 March 2011

  • Australian Unity: Derek McMillan
  • Benetas: Alan Gruner and Sandra Hills
  • Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria: Dr Irene Bouzo, Marion Lau and Kate Ling
  • ANF: Lee Thomas
  • Carers Victoria: Anne Muldowney, Caroline Mulchany and Margaret Baulch
  • Royal District Nursing Service: Georgia Hinton, Mark Smith
  • National Ageing Research Institute: Briony Dow and Colleen Doyle
  • Elder Rights Advocacy: Mary Lyttle
  • Greg Mundy
  • Villa Maria: Valerie Lyons
  • Cheryl Young
  • Connect Care: Paul Ostrowski
  • Regis Group: Ross Johnston and Kirsty Nottle
  • Lorraine Andrew

Melbourne — 22 March 2011

  • Australian Services Union: Igor Draper
  • Anna Howe
  • Australian Psychological Society: Bo Li and David Stokes
  • COTA: Ian Yates and Jo Root
  • Dutch Care: Petra Neeleman and Alexis Hughes
  • Fronditha Care: Penni Michael
  • Alzheimer's Australia: Victoria Maree McCabe
  • Australian Nursing Federation (Victoria): Paul Gilbert
  • Wintringham: Bryan Lipmann and Helen Small
  • Blind Citizens Australia: Jessica Zammit
  • Jody Kerrins
  • Irene Murphy
  • Peter Sherman

Melbourne — 23 March 2011

  • Doutta Galla Aged Services: Bruce Mildenhall and Denis Jones
  • Aged and Community Care, Victoria: Gerard Mansour and Paul Zanatta
  • Ukrainian Elderly Peoples Home: Mark Sheldon Stemm
  • Erica Kurec
  • Deborah Knapp
  • Elizabeth Brooke
  • Centre for Cultural Diversity in Aging: Ljubica Petrov
  • Mary Owen
  • Robyn Brown
  • Vincent Care Victoria: John Blewonski
  • Mary Archibald PSM
  • William Silvester
  • Rachael Fullam
  • Brotherhood of St Laurence: Christina Morka and Helen Kimberly
  • La Trobe University: Michael Taylor

Hobart — 24 March 2011

  • Southern Cross Care Tasmania: Richard Saked and Ray Groom
  • Royal Guide Dogs Tasmania: Dan English
  • Advocacy Tasmania: Ken Hardaker and David Owen
  • University of Tasmania: Andrew Robinson
  • Aged and Community Services Tasmania: Darren Mathewson, Jill Savell and Rod Hunt
  • University of Tasmania: Kim Boyer
  • Health and Community Services Union (Tasmania): James Eddington
  • Association of Independent Retirees (Tasmanian Division): Dick James
  • Carers Association of Tasmania: Janis McKenna
  • Faith Layton
  • Australian Nursing Federation (Tasmania): Neroli Ellis

Brisbane — 25 Mar 2011

  • John Fox
  • Uniting Care Queensland / Blue Care: Anne Cross (Uniting Care Queensland), Robyn Batten (Blue Care) and Richard Olley (Blue Care)
  • Dr Wayne Herdy
  • Aged Care Queensland: Steve Begg
  • KinCare: Therese Adami
  • Carers Queensland: Debra Cottrell
  • Mercy Aged Care Services: Peter Jardine
  • Robert Jeremy
  • United Voice: Michael De Brenni, Heather Jackson and April Anderson
  • Association of Independent Retirees (Qld): Max Barton
  • Professor Eileen Byrne
  • QADA: Margaret Deane
  • Association of Independent Retirees: Vincent Watson

Sydney — 28 Mar 2011

  • Australian Medical Association: Dr Andrew Pesce
  • Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association of NSW Inc: Charmaine Crowe
  • Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW: Caroline Romeo and Joyce Van Akkeren
  • Presbyterian Aged Care NSW and ACT, PresCare Qld: Paul Sadler and Greg Skelton
  • Public Interest Advocacy Centre: Peter Dodd
  • Intel-GE Care Innovations: Dr George Margelis
  • LHMU: Sue Lines and Sam Porter
  • Australian Institute of Population Ageing Research: Laurel Hixon
  • Robin Turnham
  • Dr Waldemar Niemetko
  • NSW Nurses Association: Brian Mason, Mary McLeod and Terri Burrell
  • Carers NSW: Elena Katrakis
  • New England HACC Development: Debra Pugh
  • Dr Peter Foltyn
  • Clive Wright
  • Older Women's Network: Margaret Kearney
  • Medical Technology Association of Australia: Anne Trimmer
  • Macular Degeneration Foundation: Julie Heraghty and Rob Cummins

Sydney — 29 Mar 2011

  • Younger Onset Dementia Association Inc: Alison Easton
  • ACON: Alan Brotherton and Ian Walker
  • The College of Nursing: Tracey Osmond
  • Health Services Union East: Michael Williamson and Marco Bolano
  • Gabrielle Meagher and Bob Davidson
  • Peter Samsa and Alan Owen
  • Quality Aged Care Action Group: Lucille McKenna and Betty Johnson
  • Dr Henry Cutler
  • Kathy Chalker
  • Cameron Way
  • ACSAA NSW ACT: Jill Pretty
  • Merrill and Mara Whitehead
  • Community Transport Organisation NSW: Helen Battalino and Kane Allen
  • John Trounce
  • Association of Independent Retirees: Richard Gould and Robert Curley
  • Dr Ben Spies-Butcher
  • ACAA NSW: Charles Wurf
  • Clara Jones

Adelaide — 31 Mar 2011

  • Aged Care Association of Australia SA: Paul Carberry
  • ECH Incorporated, Resthaven Incorporated and Eldercare Incorporated: Rob Hankins and David Kemp (ECH Inc), Richard Hearn (Resthaven Inc) and Klaus Zimmerman (Eldercare Inc)
  • Multicultural Aged Care Incorporated: Rosa Colanero and Maria Johns
  • United Voice SA: Paul Martin, Martin Farrow and Mischelle Camillo
  • Aged and Community Services (SA and NT): Alan Graham
  • Royal Society for the Blind SA: Dennis Moir
  • Jenny Briggs
  • Betty O'Halloran
  • Australian Nursing Federation (SA Branch): Elizabeth Debars, Rob Bonner and Jo Wagner
  • Carers SA: Rosemary Warmington
  • Ethnic Link Services - Uniting Care Wesley Port Adelaide: Angelika Tyrone
  • Advocates for Seniors in Care: Grace Jackman
  • Josephine Swiggs
  • Masonic Homes Limited: Doug Strain
  • Independent Association of Retirees SA: Stan Webster

Perth — 1 Apr 2011

  • Aged and Community Services WA: Stephen Kobelke, Ray Glickman and Vaughan Harding
  • Carers WA: Paul Coates and Donna Turner
  • St Bartholomew's House: Sally Kindon-Barbosa
  • Aged Care Association Australia WA: Anne-Marie Archer
  • Baptistcare: Lucy Morris, Ken Baker, Harold Preston and Toni Stampalija
  • Volunteer Taskforce: Diedre Timms
  • United Voice WA: Dave Kelly
  • Angela Smith
  • The Visiting Dentist: Clive Rogers
  • Tony Fowke
  • Silver Chain: Gill Lewin and Avril Fahey
  • Wayne Belcher
  • GLBTI Retirement Association Incorporated: Jude Comfort
  • Aegis Aged Care Group: Geoff Taylor and Michael Cross

Canberra — 5 April 2011

  • Aged Care Association of Australia (ACAA): Rod Young
  • Catholic Health Australia: Richard Gray and Nick Mersiades
  • Maree Bernoth (Charles Sturt University)
  • Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA): Pat Sparrow and Lesley Dredge
  • ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service (ADACAS): Michael Woodhead
  • National Seniors Australia: Michael O'Neill and Peter Matwijiw
  • Alzheimer's Australia: Ellen Skladzien
  • Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA): Andrea Simmons
  • Challenger Ltd: David Cox and Tony Boffinger
  • Council on the Ageing (Australia) (COTA): Ian Yates and Jo Root
  • Elizabeth Hannan
  • Royal College of Nursing Australia (RCNA): Maryann Curry and Laurie Grealish

Canberra — 6 April 2011

  • Carers Australia: Mary Reid, Evan Mann and Christina Rowell
  • Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) - ACT Branch: Athalene Rosborough, Jennifer Miragaya, Brenda Clark and Maureen Willis
  • Anglicare Australia: Kasy Chambers and Roland Manderson
  • National Stroke Foundation: Rebecca Naylor
  • Palliative Care Australia: Yvonne Luxford
  • Anglicare Canberra Goulburn: Peter Sandeman, Irene Stein and Gayle Sweaney
  • The Pharmacy Guild of Australia: Glenn Ward and Khin Win May
  • Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia (FECCA): Pino Migliorino and Padma Menon

Brisbane — 7 April 2011

  • Guide Dogs Queensland: Chris Laine and Bashir Ebrahim
  • Association of Residents of Queensland Retirement Villages: Les Armstrong, Phil Phillips and David Wise
  • James Underwood and Associates: James Underwood
  • Older People Speak Out: Val French and Elizabeth Sheppard
  • Aged Care Queensland: Nick Ryan, Barry Ashcroft, Darryl and Geri Taylor
  • Queensland Nurses Union: Beth Mohle, Vonnie Semple, Dr Liz Todhunter, Jeanette Wiley, Cheryl Dorron and Mary Stanaghan

Darwin — 11 April 2011

  • Australian Nurses Federation NT: Yvonne Falckh
  • Alzheimer's Australia NT Inc: Ruth Leslie-Rose, Ray Norman, Kathleen Short and Les Fern
  • COTA (NT): Robin Lesley
  • Masonic Homes: Jan Marlborough