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Economy-wide modelling of impacts of COAG reforms: Business regulation and VET

Supplement to the research report

Released 04 / 07 / 2012

This modelling supplement reports on the economy-wide modelling framework used in the study. It outlines the application of economy-wide modelling in the study and describes the model - the Monash Multi-Regional Forecasting (MMRF) model - used.

It specifies the key modifications that have been made to the model to enhance its usefulness for assessing the impacts of COAG reforms, and outlines a reference case used to assess the timescale over which the benefits of the reforms are likely to accrue.

It contains two main parts:

  • Part A: Key modifications made to the MMRF model for this study
  • Part B: Modelling reference case

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  • Modelling
  • Erratum

COAG modelling simulation files for the Monash Multi-Regional Forecasting (MMRF5) model

This archive contains the modelling command files used to assess the business regulation stream of the Impacts of COAG Reforms. The files have been updated to run using the latest version of the Monash Multi-Regional Forecasting benchmark model, which can be downloaded free of charge, along with the model documentation, from the Centre of Policy Studies resources web site:

These files support the Commission's economy-wide modelling of the long-run impacts of the business regulation reforms reported in Chapter 3 of Impacts of COAG Reforms, Volume 1 - Overview. Details of the reforms modelled and the assessed direct impacts are reported in Impacts of COAG Reforms, Volume 2 - Business Regulation.

Download the modelling simulation files

Erratum - Supplement to the research report

The following erratum (updated 27 July 2012) has been issued for the Economy-wide Modelling of Impacts of COAG Reforms: Business Regulation and VET Supplement to the research report. The website version has been amended to reflect this erratum.

Chapter 9 Labour market

Figure 9.2 (page 123) should read as below.

Corrected version of Figure 9.2 Labour force participation rates by state, 1978 to 2011

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