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International Telecommunications Market Regulation

Inquiry report

This inquiry report was released on 23 November 1999.

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Cover, Copyright, Terms of reference, Contents, Abbreviations and explanations, Overview and findings

1 Introduction
1.1 Scope of the inquiry
1.2 The inquiry context
1.3 Consultation
1.4 Report structure

2 International telecommunications market
2.1 Describing the market
2.2 Traffic volumes
2.3 Australian providers
2.4 Australian consumer demand
2.5 Recent trends in Australian consumer prices

3 Payment arrangements and pressures for change
3.1 International institutions
3.2 The international accounting rate system
3.3 Pressures on the accounting rate system
3.4 Payment for facilities
3.5 Payment for Internet traffic
3.6 Summing up

4 Inefficient pricing of payment arrangements
4.1 Defining the cost benchmark
4.2 Broad economic effects of inefficient pricing
4.3 Evidence of inefficient pricing: the accounting rate system
4.4 Evidence of inefficient pricing: payments for facilities
4.5 Evidence of inefficient pricing: payments for Internet traffic
4.6 Summing up

5 Quantifying reform benefits
5.1 Benefits from reform
5.2 Accounting rate system
5.3 Payments for facilities
5.4 Payments for Internet traffic
5.5 Conclusion

6 Issues and options
6.1 Objectives for reform
6.2 Accounting rate system
6.3 Interconnection
6.4 Transmission facilities
6.5 Pricing of Internet traffic
6.6 Passing on the benefits from reform
6.7 Negotiating internationally

A International regulatory change

B Participation in the inquiry