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Impacts of advances in medical technology in Australia

Technical papers

Released 20 / 09 / 2005

Four technical papers have been published with the Impacts of Advances in Medical Technology in Australia research report.

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  • Contents

Technical Paper 1   Modelling the aggregate impact of medical technology on expenditure
1.1   The residual approach
1.2   The direct approach

Technical Paper 2   Estimating individual technology expenditure impacts
2.1   Methodology
2.2   Statins
2.3   SSRIs
2.4   Phaco technique for cataract surgery
2.5   Long-acting beta-2 agonists
2.6   Summing up

Technical Paper 3   Future expenditure impacts of medical technology
3.1   Insulin sensitisation drugs for the prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus
3.2   Implantable atrial defibrillators for control of atrial fibrillation and stroke prevention
3.3   Robotic-assisted surgery for prostate cancer
3.4   Vaccine for treatment of established Alzheimer’s disease
Summing up

Technical Paper 4   Distributional Data
4.1   Separation rates by age and sex
4.2   Separation rates by remoteness area
4.3   Separations by patient funding status
4.4   Separation rates by Indigenous status