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Modelling Impacts of Infrastructure Industry Change over the 1990s

Supplement to inquiry report

This supplement was released with the inquiry report - Review of National Competition Policy Reforms - on 14 April 2005. The supplement provides details of the quantitative analysis drawn on in the public inqury report.

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1 Introduction
1.1 Model framework
1.2 Productivity and price changes in infrastructure industries considered
1.3 Putting infrastructure industry changes in context

2 Overview of changes in key infrastructure industries
2.1 Electricity
2.2 Gas
2.3 Urban water and sewerage
2.4 Urban transport
2.5 Ports
2.6 Rail freight
2.7 Telecommunications

3 Impacts of changes in infrastructure industries
3.1 National and sectoral changes
3.2 State and regional results

4 Comparison between actual changes in regional employment and effects of infrastructure industry change

5 Distributional impacts of changes in infrastructure industries
5.1 Economy-wide changes in household purchasing power
5.2 Income and expenditure patterns by income group
5.3 Distributional effects
5.4 Sensitivity testing

A The MMRF-CR model

B A framework for assessing the welfare effects of infrastructure industry change

C The income distribution model

D Data sources for labour productivity and prices