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Safeguards Inquiry into the Import of Pigmeat (2008)

Accelerated report

This accelerated report was released on 20 December 2007.

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Cover, Copyright, Letter, Terms of reference, Contents

1    About the inquiry

1.1   What the Commission has been asked to do
1.2   Background
1.3   Inquiry procedures and consultation

2   Assessing the case for provisional safeguard measures

2.1   What are the hurdles for provisional measures?
2.2   Which Australian industry produces ‘like’ or ‘directly competitive’ goods?
2.3   What has happened to imports?
2.4   Was the increase in imports a result of ‘unforeseen’ developments?
2.5   Is the industry suffering serious injury, or is it threatened?
2.6   To what extent have increased imports caused or threatened to cause serious injury?
2.7   Concluding remarks

3   Other structural and policy-related matters

A   Public consultation

B   Commonwealth gazettes and GATT Article XIX