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Annual Review of Regulatory Burdens on Business

Primary Sector (2007)

Commissioned study

In the first year of review the Commission will focus on those regulations that mainly impact on the whole or any part of the primary sector. In broad terms, this includes agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, fisheries and mining (see list of industries by ANZSIC category). The activities of these industries are regulated by a range of Australian Government authorities through a variety of instruments. Consistent with the Regulation Taskforce report, for the purposes of this review, 'regulation' includes government rules that influence or control behaviour, as well as the administration and enforcement of these rules. This includes legislation and formal regulations (including treaties and co-regulation), as well as quasi-regulation such as codes of conduct and advisory instruments.

Amongst other things, the terms of reference require the Commission to identify specific areas of Australian Government regulation that:

  1. are unnecessarily burdensome, complex or redundant; or
  2. duplicate regulations or the role of regulatory bodies, including in other jurisdictions.

Applying these criteria, and using submissions from interested parties, the Commission will develop a short list, of priority areas for reform, which has the potential to deliver the greatest productivity gains to the economy as a whole. From this list, the Commission will identify options and make recommendations for:

  • alleviating the regulatory burden on the primary sector, including on small business; and
  • enhancing the consistency or reducing duplication of regulations, or the role of regulatory bodies, for the primary sector.

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Please note: The draft report is for research purposes only. For final outcomes of this study refer to the research report.

Draft report (PDF – 1018 Kb)