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Closing the Gap Review

Engagement approach

The engagement approach will guide how the Commission communicates with you on its review of the National Agreement.

Successful engagement, and in particular with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, is critical to ensure the Review is effective. Effective engagement increases the visibility and understanding of issues and empowers people to have their say over decisions that affect their lives.

The Commission published its engagement approach on 6 July. The approach is underpinned by commitments under the National Agreement on Closing the Gap, most notably in relation to shared decision-making, cultural safety and responsiveness.

The engagement approach is intended to be dynamic and may be refined over time as the Commission learns from its engagement on the Review.

Please subscribe to the Review to stay informed and/or email the Closing the Gap Review team at if you have any questions.

Engagement approach – Plain English (Under development)

Engagement approach – Full version