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Expenditure on Children in the Northern Territory

Issues paper

An issues paper outlines a range of issues on which the Commission seeks information and feedback.

Initial submissions were due by 10 July 2019.

Opportunity for further comment is sought on the draft report.

Submissions are due by Friday 20 December 2019.

The study report is expected to be handed to the Australian Government in April 2020 and publicly release shortly after.

Download the issues paper

  • How families, communities and service providers can contribute to our study


How families, communities and service providers can contribute to our study. Text version follows.

YOU can help shape how children and family services are funded in the Northern Territory (Text version)

We are investigating funding arrangements for children and family services to help prevent harm to children in the NT.

Help us make recommendations on how governments can improve how services are funded.

We want to hear from families, service providers and communities
  • What types of services are available in your community and who provides these services?
  • Are these services effective? Do you know how to access them?
  • Are there services that are needed but are not being provided?
  • Who decides which services are provided in your community and do you have a say in this? How could this be done better?
  • How can we improve the way services are funded?
  • How should governments, service providers and communities work together and build on each other’s strengths?

Read the issues paper and make a submission or brief comment or call 1800 020 083