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National Water Reform

Make a submission

The Commission invites interested people and organisations to make a written submission.

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How to prepare a submission

Submissions may range from a short letter outlining your views on a particular topic to a much more substantial document covering a range of issues. Where possible, you should provide evidence, such as relevant data and documentation, to support your views.


  • Each submission, except for any attachment supplied in confidence, will be published on the Commission's website shortly after receipt, and will remain there indefinitely as a public document.
  • The Commission reserves the right to not publish material on its website that is offensive, potentially defamatory, or clearly out of scope for the study in question.


  • Copyright in submissions sent to the Commission resides with the author(s), not with the Commission.
  • Do not send us material for which you are not the copyright owner - such as newspaper articles - you should just reference or link to this material in your submission.

In confidence

  • This is a public review and all submissions should be provided as public documents that can be placed on the Commission's website for others to read and comment on. However, information which is of a confidential nature or which is submitted in confidence can be treated as such by the Commission, provided the cause for such treatment is shown.
  • The Commission may also request a non-confidential summary of the confidential material it is given, or the reasons why a summary can not be provided.
  • Material supplied in confidence should be clearly marked 'IN CONFIDENCE' and be in a separate attachment to non-confidential material.
  • You are encouraged to contact the Commission for further information and advice before submitting such material.


  • For privacy reasons, all personal details (e.g. home and email address, signatures, phone, mobile and fax numbers) will be removed from your submission before they are published on the website. Please do not include these details in your submission unless necessary.
  • You may wish to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym. Please note that, if you choose to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym, the Commission may place less weight on your submission.

Further information

Privacy Policy

Information Policy

Technical tips

  • The Commission prefers to receive submissions as a Microsoft Word (.docx) files. PDF files are acceptable if produced from a Word document or similar text based software. You may wish to research the Internet on how to make your documents more accessible or for the more technical, follow advice from Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.
  • Do not send password protected files.
  • Track changes, editing marks, hidden text and internal links should be removed from submissions.
  • To minimise linking problems, type the full web addresses (for example,

Lodge your submission online below - however submissions can also be posted if necessary.

Lodge a submission online

Lodge online

Your details will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided them. Read the privacy statement for more information.

Please review the submission form below and information above so you are aware of what information you need to prepare before you start filling in the form.

Please enter information in the required fields * and attach all relevant documentation below.

Contact Ingrid Ottaway on 02 6240 3307 for any queries regarding this form.

Please also contact Ingrid if you are unable to make a written submission and would like to make a submission by phone.

Submission details

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Submission files

Please note: There is a 15 Mb limit in total for all submission files combined. If this is exceeded we will not receive your submission.

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Lodging your submission by post

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 situation, posted mail may not be processed in a timely manner. We encourage you to lodge your submission online.

Call Ingrid Ottaway on 02 6240 3307 if you require assistance.

  • Each postal submission must be accompanied by a submission cover sheet. Read our privacy statement
  • Post your submission to:

    National Water Reform inquiry
    Productivity Commission
    Locked Bag 2
    Collins Street East
    Melbourne Vic 8003

If you do not receive notification of receipt of your submission to the Commission, please contact Ingrid Ottaway on 02 6240 3307.