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Targeted texts and peer support: how smarter health care can cut costs and help Australians with chronic conditions

Creating a culture of innovation and sharing best practice throughout our health system will benefit the growing number of Australians living with chronic health conditions.

Why is a good idea so hard to do? - Integrating urban water

Our major cities are facing considerable water challenges in the future. Significant population growth will increase demand for services whilst climate change is likely to reduce water availability in most areas.

Should everyone go to university?

Right now the government caps university places. But until 2017 universities could accept as many students as they liked and the government provided funding for all of these places. It was called the ‘demand driven system’ and it started in 2010.

Better functioning towns and cities

The overwhelming majority of Australians live and work in cities... so how cities operate now and in the future is integral to both the quality of people’s lives and national prosperity.

Skin in the game – education and workforce

The skills needed for well-paid jobs change just like everything else. So does Australia have the right system in place? One that will meet the needs of both employees’ and employers’?

Healthier Australians

While on many measures, the Australian health system is very good compared with health care systems in many other countries, this is not true across the board. There is significant potential for improvement.


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