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Draft Framework for Reporting on Indigenous Disadvantage

Report on consultations

The consultations report, Draft Framework for Reporting on Indigenous Disadvantage, was released on 13 November 2003 with Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage: key indicators 2003.

In April 2002, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) commissioned the Review of Government Service Provision to prepare a regular report on key indicators of Indigenous disadvantage. The Steering Committee for the Review, assisted by a special Working Group, developed a draft reporting framework for consultative purposes. The approach, which has a strategic focus, drew on valuable work previously undertaken by the Ministerial Council for Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islander Affairs (MCATSIA). Consultations on the draft framework were wide-ranging, including Indigenous leaders, organisations and communities across the country, as well as governments and academic researchers.

This report records the comments and suggestions of those consulted

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  • Contents

Cover, Foreword, Contents, Acronyms and abbreviations

1   Introduction

2   Response to the draft framework and suggestions for improvement

3   Headline indicators
Headline indicators
Strategic areas for action and strategic change indicators

A   Draft framework for reporting on Indigenous disadvantage - request for comment

B   People and organisations consulted on draft framework for reporting on Indigenous disadvantage