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Report on Government Services 2002

This report was released on 31 January 2002. It has been produced by the Steering Committee for the Review of Commonwealth/State Service Provision (SCRCSSP). The report has been published in two volumes. Also released with the report are attachment tables. These are not part of the printed report but are available on this web page.

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Media release

The seventh edition of the annual Report on Government Services, a product of the Review of Commonwealth/State Service Provision, was released today. The Report examines the performance of the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments in the areas of education, health, justice, community services and housing. Collectively these services represented approximately $64.3 billion of government expenditure in 2000-01 and 9.6 per cent of gross domestic product.

Gary Banks, the Chairman of the Steering Committee which oversees the Review, commended participating agencies for their continued cooperation in producing this detailed Report He said 'there has been a general improvement in the data presented in the Report this year. The advances in reporting for existing performance indicators encompass improved comparability, timeliness and quality of data, and enhanced reporting on special needs groups'.

In addition, this year's Report contains new performance indicators for health (maternity services and general practitioners), court administration (Federal Magistrates Services), aged care (compliance with service standards for residential care), disability services (social participation) and housing (Aboriginal Rental Housing Program) chapters.

There has been a concerted effort to improve the Report's coverage of government services to Indigenous Australians. For example, the Aboriginal Rental Housing Program is the first targeted Indigenous program that the Review has reported – until now all Indigenous data have been disaggregated from mainstream program data.


The following errata have been issued for the Report on Government Services 2002.

Chapter 12 Aged care services

Page 664 - Table 12.7 should have an extra category ('Two year') under Accreditation approvals.

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Chapter 5 Health

This data was issued subsequent to the release of the report.

Hospitalisations data for Indigenous Australians

The Public hospitals chapter (chapter 5) noted that the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has revised the Hospital data for Indigenous Australians. These data replace the data in tables 5A.20, 5A.21 and 5A.22 of attachment, 5 Public Hospitals. The revisions affect table 5.12 (page 216 of chapter 5), and figures 5.14 and 5.15 (pages 217 and 218 of chapter 5).

Efficiency data

The public hospitals chapter also noted that the AIHW would revise the cost per casemix adjusted separation data, as the data for 1999-2000 in chapter 5 are based on 1998-99 cost weights, rather than 1999-2000 cost weights. The revised data based on 1999-2000 cost weights are contained in the new chapter 5 table 5.13 and figures 5.16, 5.17 and 5.18, and the new attachment 5 tables, 5A.24, 5A.27, 5A.28, 5A.29 and 5A.32.

Waiting times data

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare released waiting times for elective surgery data for 1999-2000 on 30 January 2002. These data are not comparable with the data in chapter 5 of the Report on Government Services 2002. The latter reports the per cent of patients waiting extended periods for elective surgery defined according to the clinical urgency category of the patient. The AIHW publication, on the other hand, reports the number of days waited by patients at the median and 90th percentile. The AIHW presentation has recently been agreed by the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council (AHMAC) in late 2001. The Steering Committee for the Review of Commonwealth State Service Provision will in future adopt the presentation agreed by AHMAC.

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Indigenous Compendiums

The Indigenous compendium ceased from the 2015 RoGS. From the 2016 RoGS onwards a reference list is now included on the Indigenous data tab on each sector overview/chapter page where performance data are available.