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The Housing Needs of Australian Renters

Commission research paper


The private rental market provides housing for more than a quarter of Australians. Renting is becoming increasingly common — especially among families — and people are spending longer periods of time renting.

Relatively affordable and secure rental housing is not only important to wellbeing, but can influence outcomes in other areas of life, such as health, education and employment.

The focus of this project is on vulnerable, long-term renters, as it is for this group that negative economic and social consequences of renting are likely to be most acute. The Commission will consider how well the private rental market is meeting the needs of these renters, links between renting and entrenched disadvantage, and opportunities to improve rental market operation and outcomes.

In doing so, the Commission will use data from several sources, including the Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey and the ABS Survey of Income and Housing (SIH), as well as draw on consultations with relevant stakeholders.

Objectives of the study

To assess how well the private rental market is meeting the needs of vulnerable, long‑term renters, and identify opportunities to improve rental market outcomes.

Expected release date

September 2019


Ben Dolman  02 6240 3296