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Modified Demographic and Economic Model

Disclaimer of liability and conditions of use

This disclaimer applies to both versions of the Modified Demographic and Economic Model - MoDEM 1.0 and MoDEM 2.0.

  1. To the extent permitted by law:

    1. the Commonwealth of Australia and the Productivity Commission (the Agencies) give no warranty of any type, either express or implied, for MoDEM (the Program), and any other material supplied with the Program; and
    2. the entire risk of loss, damage or unsatisfactory performance of the Program (no matter how arising, including as a result of negligence on behalf of the Agencies) rests with the user (the User). In no event will the Agencies be liable for damages, including any general, special, incidental or consequential damages, arising out of the installation of the Program, any attempt to install the Program, the use of the Program, the inability to use the Program, the use of data embodied in, or obtained from, the Program or the use of any documentation or other material accompanying the Program.

  2. The numerical data and formulas contained in the Program are provided solely for the purpose of illustrating the modelling framework for projecting possible outcomes under different demographic and economic scenarios. The Agencies give no warranty and make no representation as to the accuracy, reliability, timeliness or other features of any data contained in the Program or data obtained from using the Program. In particular:

    1. the User should rely on the User's own inquiries as to the accuracy and relevance of the data incorporated into or applicable to the Program;
    2. the User should not use the Program as the basis for making any decision or embarking on any course of action; and
    3. the data contained in the Program and the output of the Program should not be regarded as representative of any current data or forecasts of what will happen under a given set of demographic and economic conditions.

  3. The Program is based on input (parameters and projections) from data published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. From time to time the ABS may publish updated data which may be relevant to the Program. Users should rely on their own inquiries in relation to the accuracy and relevance of any available data and its appropriateness for updating the Program. The Agencies have provided some guidance as to the manner of inputting updated data into the Program, in the Documentation, however, the Agencies accept no responsibility for errors in the input data, the lack of currency of the input data, any problems experienced by the user in updating or attempting to update the input data, or the results obtained from running the Program using the updated data.

  4. If you have obtained this Program otherwise than by downloading it from the Productivity Commission's website, the Program may have been modified by a previous user. The Agencies accept no liability in relation to modifications made by any user.

  5. The intellectual property in this Program is and remains the property of the Agencies.

  6. The Program is made available to Users for their own use and may be provided or re-disseminated by them to another party. The User who re-disseminates the Program should include the disclaimer and conditions of use in its current form with the Program, and identify any modifications made by the User to the Program and Documentation.

  7. The User may modify the Program. However, the Productivity Commission would appreciate being informed of any modifications made by the User and being offered the opportunity to add any extra data and modifications to its own version of the Program. When making modifications of the Program available to the Commission, please also identify who created the material contained in the modifications.

  8. Users who have obtained the Program from a person other than the Productivity Commission are still bound by these conditions of use. The Agencies recommend that Users go to the Productivity Commission's website at to download the original version of the Program.

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