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Review of the Report on Government Services and Performance Reporting Dashboard

RGSP Secretariat submission

12 June 2024

The Review of Government Service Provision (RGSP) Secretariat – housed in the Productivity Commission – made a submission to the Council on Federal Financial Relations’ Review of the Report on Government Services and Performance Reporting Dashboard.

This submission does not present the views of the RGSP Steering Committee.

Key points noted in the submission include:

  • The Report on Government Services (RoGS) has delivered reliable and robust reporting on government performance in delivering services to Australians for nearly 30 years.
  • The RoGS is used by governments, non-government organisations, researchers and academics and the private sector to inform program development and design, advocate for change, and highlight areas where governments are not meeting community needs or expectations.
  • Supporting transparency and providing information to people outside of government has increased in relative importance over time and is now a key feature of the RoGS report.
  • However, at a time when both labour productivity and multifactor productivity (MFP) are well below their long term averages, the report’s original focus on delivering better quality outcomes alongside better value for money – improving the productivity of the public sector – is as important as ever.

The Secretariat provided the submission to the review team on 5 June 2024 and it was published on the Productivity Commission’s website on 12 June 2024.

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