Supporting reporting on Closing the Gap

The information Repository1 to support reporting is currently under development. The first stage of reporting will be on the targets under the 16 socio-economic outcome areas and is anticipated by mid 2021.


The Closing the Gap Information Repository comes from the National Agreement on Closing the Gap (the Agreement). The purpose of the information repository is to inform reporting on progress in Closing the Gap.

The Information Repository will include a Dashboard and annual data compilation report:

  • The Dashboard provides the most up-to-date information available on the targets and indicators in the Agreement.  The data will be available in different formats including visual.
  • The annual data compilation report will provide a point-in-time snapshot of the Dashboard material.

Information about the targets and indicators will include:

  • reporting against agreed priority reform and socio-economic outcome targets
  • national trajectories for each numeric target (currently available on the external website Closing the Gap)
  • available baseline data for each state and territory (currently available on the external website Closing the Gap), and any baseline data for any new target or indicator agreed under the Agreement.

Further supporting material will be added over time to build on existing capability in accessing and interpreting the data reported for the targets and indicators.

The Information Repository is produced by the Productivity Commission.

  1. You might like to think of this as an information hub.

The correct citation is: Productivity Commission, Closing the Gap Information Repository, Canberra, (accessed [include date you accessed the online material]).