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Agri-food case study - Micro reform - Impacts on firms

Bureau of Industry Economics report

Released 01 / 05 / 1996

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Cover, Copyright, Foreword, Contents, Summary

1   Introduction
1.1   Background
1.2   The reason for selecting the agri-food industries as a case study
1.3   Key objectives of the study
1.4   Support for the study
1.5   Methodology
1.6   Outline of the report

2   The agri-food industries and the BIE survey
2.1   The agri-food sector in perspective
2.2   Key inputs and the influence of government on costs to make and sell
2.3   The agri-food survey

3   Broad impacts of micro reforms on firms
3.1   Firms' perceptions of the impacts of reforms
3.2   Firms' perceptions about the pace of reforms
3.3   The changed competitive environment
3.4   Concluding comments

4   Positive outcomes from increased competition
4.1   Trade liberalisation and responses to increased competition
4.2   Firms' responses to increasing competition
4.3   Outcomes accompanying increased competition
4.4   Concluding comments

5   Building productive workplaces
5.1   Changes in productivity
5.2   Factors contributing to productivity changes
5.3   Industrial relations, workplace reforms and productivity changes
5.4   Concluding comments

6   Micro reform - challenges for the future
6.1   Key reforms for future competitiveness
6.2   Industrial relations
6.3   Input taxes/on-costs
6.4   Food standards and related regulations
6.5   Tariffs and statutory marketing arrangements
6.6   Infrastructure services - road freight and waterfront reforms
6.7   Environmental regulation
6.8 Concluding comments


1   Steering group membership and sponsors

2   Survey forms

3   Technical aspects of survey analysis

4   Industry profiles for the surveyed industries

5   Impacts of micro reform at the industry level

6   The adequacy of the pace of micro reform - an industry level perspective

7   The changed competitive environment

8   Firms' operations in a changed competitive environment

9   Overall firm performance

10   Human resources



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