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About the Commission

The Productivity Commission is the Australian Government's independent research and advisory body on a range of economic, social and environmental issues affecting the welfare of Australians.

How we contribute

The Commission contributes by providing quality, independent advice and information to governments, and on the communication of ideas and analysis.

How we operate

There are three features of the Productivity Commission's structure and operations which underpin the effectiveness of its contribution to public debate and policy formulation.

Core functions

There are four main output streams for the Commission, public inquiries and research studies, performance monitoring and benchmarking, self-initiated research and annual reporting and competitive neutrality complaints.

Our people and structure

Discover more about the Commission's organisational structure and key people - including the Chair, Commissioners and senior staff.


The Commission is committed to transparency by publishing Annual Reports, plans and procedures and other legal documents in the public interest.

A brief history

The Productivity Commission was created as an independent authority by an Act of Parliament in 1998, to replace the Industry Commission, Bureau of Industry Economics and the Economic Planning Advisory Commission.

Productivity Commission Act (external link)

Read and research the legislation relating to the Productivity Commission in the Federal Register of Legislation.