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Our people and structure

Discover more about the Commission's organisational structure and key people - including the Chair, Commissioners and senior staff.

Please direct all enquiries to:

Strategic Communications and Engagement
Ph: 03 9653 2244

Organisational structure. See text below imageEnlarge image

Text version of organisational structure


Danielle Wood

Deputy Chair

Alex Robson


Julie Abramson
Joanne Chong
Catherine de Fontenay
Lisa Gropp
Stephen King
Natalie Siegel-Brown
Martin Stokie

Associate Commissioners

Deborah Brennan

Head of Office

Lisa Studdert

First Assistant Commissioner

Anna Heaney

First Assistant Commissioner

Rosalyn Bell

Inquiry and Research Group — Assistant Commissioners

Catie Bradbear (Indigenous stream)
Sara Collard
Jared Dent
Patrick Jomini
Frances Lamb Acting
Dom Lowe (Health stream)
Ana Markulev (Climate change and Energy stream)
Ben Mitra-Kahn
Miriam Veisman-Apter
Lou Will

Closing the Gap Reporting — Assistant Commissioners

Catie Bradbear

Commonwealth-State Reporting and Review — Assistant Commissioner

Jessica Read

Productivity and Trade Group — Assistant Commissioner

Patrick Jomini
Ben Mitra-Kahn

Corporate Group — Assistant Commissioner

Jane Holmes

Strategic Communications and Engagement Group — Assistant Commissioner

Liz Callaghan

Australian Government Competitive Neutrality Complaints Office (AGCNCO) — Director

Stewart Plain