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Competitive neutrality complaints

The Australian Government Competitive Neutrality Complaints Office, a separate unit within the Productivity Commission, operates as the Australian Government’s competitive neutrality complaints mechanism. It provides independent advice to the Government following its investigation into complaints about unfair competition from government businesses as a result of them not complying with their competitive neutrality obligations.

The Office receives and assesses complaints, proceeds with complaints that warrant investigation and provides independent advice to the Treasurer on each matter. The Government is not obliged to accept this advice.

Any individual, organisation or government body with an interest in the application of competitive neutrality may lodge a complaint, although they are encouraged first to discuss their complaint with AGCNCO staff.

Some examples of investigations undertaken by the AGCNCO include those into; Australian Hearing; forestry; the Sydney and Camden airports; Defence Housing Australia; and NBN Co.

The Australian Government's approach to implementing competitive neutrality is set out in its 1996 Competitive Neutrality Policy Statement and also in Competitive Neutrality Guidelines for Managers.