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Business licences - international benchmarking

Bureau of Industry Economics report

This report was released in June 1996.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Foreword, Acknowledgements, Contents, Summary

1   Introduction
1.1   Benchmarking the regulatory framework
1.2   The impetus for licensing reform
1.3 Outline of this report

2   Method and definitions
2.1   Method
2.2   Definitions
2.3   Benchmarking methods
2.4   Summary

3   The impact of business licensing
3.1 The extent of licensing in Australia
3.2   The extent of licensing internationally
3.3   Business attitudes and compliance costs
3.4   Summary

4   Developing benchmarks for licensing
4.1   Licence approval
4.2 Licence standards
4.3   Licence enforcement
4.4   Summary

5   Licence approval: information and integration
5.1   Information about licensing
5.2   Master licensing systems
5.3   Integrated approval systems
5.4   Summary

6   Licence approval: consultation
6.1   Pre-application consultation
6.2   Consulting affected parties
6.3   Resolving disputes
6.4   Summary

7   Licence approval: certainty and efficiency
7.1   Certainty about approval duration
7.2   Contestability, cost recovery and efficiency
7.3   Evidence on approval times and fees
7.3   Summary

8   Licence standards: flexibility
8.1   Outcomes instead of processes
8.2   Management systems and proportionality
8.3   Summary

9   Licence standards: efficiency
9.1   Allocating licensing quotas
9.2   Coordinating licensing standards
9.3   Forcing technology
9.4   Summary

10   Licence enforcement
10.1   Private compliance activity
10.2   Hierarchy of public enforcement methods
10.3   Publication of enforcement policies
10.4   Targeted enforcement
10.5 Compliance incentives
10.6   Summary

11   Australia's scorecard
11.1   Numbers of licences and applications
11.2   Design of licensing
11.3   Overall assessment

Appendix A   International comparisons of licences

Appendix B   Survey of businesses

Appendix C   International comparisons of standards



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