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The Australian Horticultural Corporation

Industry Commission inquiry report

This report was signed on 30 June 1992. The report contains the findings of the Industry Commission public inquiry, in response to a request from the Commonwealth Government, to examine the production and cost structure of the Australian horticultural industry, assess the methods used by selected other countries to support horticultural exports, and identify structural and other issues which, in comparison with overseas producers, affect the competitiveness of Australian producers in overseas markets.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Signing Page, Contents, Abbreviations, Terms of Reference, Executive Summary

1 Introduction
1.1 The terms of reference
1.2 The Australian Horticultural Corporation
1.3 Conduct of the inquiry
1.4 Structure of the report

2 Horticulture
2.1 Characteristics of Australian horticulture
2.2 Australian production and trade
2.3 Perceptions of horticulture

3 AHC: Origins and Statutory Basis
3.1 Origins
3.2 Objects
3.3 Functions
3.4 Powers
3.5 Coverage and current membership
3.6 Corporate strucures
3.7 Finance

4 AHC Activities
4.1 Corporate plan
4.2 Scale of operations
4.3 The joining process
4.4 Participating industry programs
4.5 Fee-for-service
4.6 initiated activities

5 Effectiveness of the AHC
5.1 Identifying changes in international comptitiveness
5.2 The measurment problem
5.3 Attributing changes to the AHC
5.4 The timing of change
5.5 Extent of the AHC influence
5.6 Acceptance by the industry
5.7 Participants' views on the terms of reference
5.8 The Commission's approach
5.9 Assessment of effectiveness
5.10 Government support

A Inquiry participants

B Statistics

C AHC legal framework

D AHC corporate plan

E Draft memorandum of understanding

F AHC accounts

G Export licensing

H AHC assessments


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