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Evaluation of the investment promotion and facilitation program

Bureau of Industry Economics report

Released 04 / 1996

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Foreword, Contents, Executive Summary

1   Introduction
1.1   Current evaluation
1.2   Evaluation issues
1.3   Conduct of the evaluation
1.4 Outline of the report

2   Foreign direct investment: trends and determinations
2.1   Australia's FDI experience
2.2   Why firms invest abroad
2.3   Why firms choose one location over another
2.4   Implications for government policy

3   Investment promotion and facilitation program
3.1   Program direction and delivery
3.2   The 1991-92 program management review
3.3   Program structure
3.4   Program strategy
3.5 Feasibility consultancy study fund
3.6   Regional headquarters
3.7   Activities
3.8   Special investment representative
3.9   Relationship with other government programs
3.10   Relationship with policy making process
3.11 Major project facilitation

4   Appropriatness
4.1   Is promotion necessary?
4.2   Market for supplying promotion
4.3   Correcting market failure
4.4   Concluding comments

5   Impact on attracting foreign direct investment
5.1   Has the program induced FDI?
5.2   Types and geographic distribution of projects
5.3   Concluding comments

6   Program effectiveness
6.1   Current objectives
6.2   Outcomes relative to objectives
6.3   Are changes to IPFP objectives warranted?
6.4   Concluding comments

7   Benefits and costs of the program
7.1   Impact on capital stock
7.2   Impact on employment
7.3   Impact on external balance and exchange rates
7.4   Impact on productive capacity
7.5   Impact on tax revenue
7.6   Costs
7.7   Net benefit
7.8   Other incentives targeting foreign direct investment
7.9   Concluding comments

8   Strategies, activities and organisation
8.1   Program targeting
8.2   Program activities
8.3   Organisation
8.4   Concluding comments

9   Findings, recommendations and resources
9.1   Appropriatness
9.2   Impact on attracting investment
9.3   Objectives and outcomes
9.4   Benefits and costs
9.5   Strategies, activities and organisation
9.6   Implications for resources


A   Submissions from interested parties

B Parties interviewed

C   Survey of program firms

D   Perceptions survey


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