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Meat processing

Industry Commission inquiry report

Signed 20 / 04 / 1994

This report contains the findings of the Industry Commission public inquiry, in response to a request from the Commonwealth Government, to examine the factors that are likely to affect the performance of the meat processing industry.

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  • Contents

Volume 1

Cover, Copyright, Signing Page, Acknowledgement; Contents, Abbreviations, Glossary, Overview

1 Introduction
1.1 Scope of the inquiry
1.2 Inquiry Procedure
1.3 The Commission's approach
1.4 Structure of the report

2 Characterisitics of the Australian Industry
2.1 Livestock production
2.2 Livestock selling methods
2.3 Meat processing
2.4 Markets for meat

3 Performance of the Meat Processing Industry
3.1 Data sources
3.2 Cost profile
3.3 Performance of firms
3.4 Benchmarking studies
3.5 Other aspects of performance

4 Developing Markets
4.1 Existing markets
4.2 Determinants of consumption
4.3 Factors affecting overseas demand for Australian exports
4.4 Current market access arrangements
4.5 Allocation of entitlements to supply quota restricted markets

5 Inspection Arrangements
5.1 Inspection agencies
5.2 Rationale for government regulation of meat
5.3 State inspection requirements
5.4 Export inspection requirements
5.5 The Commission's assessment

6 Meat Marketing
6.1 Australian Meat and Live-stock Corporation
6.2 Australian Pork Corporation

7 Meat Research
7.1 Current research arrangements
7.2 The Meat Research Corporation
7.3 The Commission's assessment
7.4 The Pig Research and Development Corporation

8 Institutional Arrangements
8.1 Australian Meat and Live-stock Corporation
8.2 Meat Research Corporation
8.3 Australian Meat and Live-stock Industry Policy Council
8.4 Other reform proposals for the red meat industry
8.5 Institutional arrangements in the pig industry

9 Labour Markets
9.1 Background
9.2 The award system
9.3 Workforce skills and training
9.4 Worker's compensation
9.5 Industry reform

10 Other Regulatory Impacts on the Industry
10.1 Competition regulation
10.2 Environmental issues
10.3 Public ownership of abattoirs
10.4 Public ownership of saleyards
10.5 Foreign investment regulations'
10.6 Transportation regulations and costs

11 Developments Within the Industry
11.1 The feedlot industry
11.2 Value adding
11.3 Game, wild and other meat processing industries
11.4 Development of emerging industries

Volume 2

A Inquiry procedures

B Inquiry participants

C Statistics

D International perspective

E Regulatory environment

F Commonwealth institutions

G The role of inspection and quality assurance

H Labour Awards

I Industry Assistance

J Game, wild and other farmed animals processed for meat

K Producer and consumer gains from reform

L The scope for cost reductions in Australian abattoirs

M Performance of the industry and potential gains from reform in 1992-93

References (Volumes 1 and 2)

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