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Setting the scene monitoring micro reform

Bureau of Industry Economics report

This report was released in January 1996.

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Cover, Copyright, Foreword, Contents

Executive Summary
Developments in three key areas
Impact of microeconomic reforms on firms and industries
The monitoring micro reform project

1   Introduction
1.1   Purpose and scope of the project
1.2   What is microeconomic reform
1.3   Structure of the report

2   The evolution of microeconomic reform in Australia
2.1   Background
2.2   Financial deregulation
2.3   Responding to a changing environment
2.4   Banana Republic
2.5   Microeconomic reform - firmly on the agenda
2.6   May 1988 Economic Statement
2.7   A broader agenda for reform
2.8   March 1991 Statement
2.9 Microeconomic reform - an ongoing process
2.10  ; Co-operative federalism
2.11   A national competition policy
2.12   Recent developments

3   Trade liberalisation and industry assistance
3.1   An historical context
3.2   Increased momentum towards reform
3.3   Trade liberalisation beyond Australia's shores
3.4   Concluding comments

4   Reforms to infrastructure and related industries
4.1   Significance of infrastructure industries in the economy
4.2   Main drivers for infrastructure reform
4.3   Approaches to infrastructure reform
4.4   Impact of infrastructure reform
4.5   Concluding comments

5   Industrial relations and workplace reform
5.1   Australia's industrial relations system
5.2   Industrial relations reforms
5.3   Some other workplace and labour market reforms
5.4   Managing for a new workplace culture
5.5   Concluding comments

6   Structural change - a broad overview
6.1   Changes in the composition of Australia's output and employment
6.2   Measuring the extent of structural change
6.3   Increased internationalisation of the economy
6.4   Isolating the factors contributing to structural change
6.5 Concluding comments

7   Microeconomic reform: some potential impacts
7.1   General equilibrium analysis
7.2   How microeconimic reform might affect firms
7.3   Concluding comments

8   Future directions: the work program
8.1   Case study approach
8.2   Choice of case studies
8.3   Future work program

Appendix 1   Statistics

Appendix 2   Infrastructure prices and quality

Appendix 3   Enterprise agreements in practice

Appendix 4   Economy-wide impacts of microeconomic reform


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